Monday, November 6, 2017

Clash of The Clans

Caste a sub division of Hindu People. When we say Hindu People, they are people who lived in Hindustan or Clans who lived after Indus river. So we should conclude they are Clans who had a specific God, Temple, Kula Guru, Sambrathayams and Practices. When we say this then each clan becomes a religion. With this words if you count there are more than 100+ religion in this Land even before the origin of Buddha. When we take this Clan heads and Gurus separate, they are formed by 1st Sangam directly under Siva. Siva the ultimate goal and common for human being. Why attaining Siva is a common goal for humans? because when we accepted Siva, Siva is the natural principle of the universe which is common for all human being. All concepts and guidelines are created(Bhramma), practiced(Vishnu) and destroyed(Rudhra) within this common principle. Whatever religious principle you mention that is inside the natural principles and laws nothing is outside the universe. When we say Tamil Sangam was formed by accepting a general principles by various sect of people, there exists perspective which tells clans existed before 1st Sangam and clans which was created after 1st Sangam. Clans like Pallar, Mallar existed even before the 1st Sangam and those clans were renamed in various social circumstances and lived in medieval ages in the name of Udayar, Vellalar, Kulalar and Kuyavar. These are few clans who were in the administration of the ancient Tamil region as Cholas. There were 3 Sangam organized by the Clan heads and spiritual leaders like Siddhargal. We can definitely bring our clans together and form the Sangam again. But what and how of the Sangam will be a mystery. There were furious battles fought against other region which are mentioned in the temple inscriptions. Cholas have not lost their last battles as per historical evidence. But people say that Cholas were disappeared. In this universe how one clan can disappear. Still the Udayar, Kulalar, Malayaman, Nathaman, Surthiman, Vellalar,  Pallar, Kallar and Kuyavar clans are living, only the administration has changed. Cholas built temples, monuments, dams, empires, cities and life style. These ancient clan have the knowledge how they built the temples under what assumption and principle. Knowledge is never changing principle. Knowledge never dies. Whatever birth you take these natural principles don't change. These clans believe in rebirth. If one of these clan leader gets a rebirth, then he/she can tell the principles behind the symbols, stone cravings and how to conduct the Tamil Sangam again. Will The Arulmozhi Udayar raise again?

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